2019 Tentative Schedule of Events

Elegant Dinner & Dance, Awards Ball, Live Percussionist, & Professional Events

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(Formal Attire Required)

Thursday, May 2nd

A Night at the Roxy

Session 1

Starting 08:00PM

08:00PM Thursday Session 1
08:00PM Nightclub Single Dance Events
09:30PM Nightclub Multi-Dance Challenges
10:00PM End of Session

Friday, May 3rd

Friday Daytime Session 2

Starting 08:30AM

08:30AM American Rhythm Single Dance Events
12:00PM American Rhythm Multi-Dance Challenge Events
12:40PM Closed American Style 6-Dance Challenge
12:45PM Open American Style 9-Dance Challenge
01:15PM American Rhythm Scholarships
02:30PM International Ballroom Single Dance Events
03:40PM International Ballroom Multi-Dance Challenge Events
04:25PM International Ballroom Scholarships
05:00PM End of Session

Friday Evening Session 3

Starting 08:30PM

08:30PM Welcome and National Anthem
08:35PM Pro/Am Showdance Events
08:50PM Professional Dance Events
10:30PM End of Session

Saturday, May 4th

Saturday Daytime Session 4

Starting 08:00AM

08:00AM American Smooth Single Dance Events
11:00AM American Smooth Multi-Dance Challenge Events
11:55AM Closed American Style 6-Dance Challenge
12:00PM Open American Style 9-Dance Challenge
12:20PM American Smooth Scholarships
01:55PM International Latin Single Dance Events
03:30PM International Latin Multi-Dance Challenge Events
04:30PM International Latin Scholarships & Adult Amateur American Rhythm Events
05:40PM Adult Amateur International Ballroom Multi-Dance Events
06:30PM End of Session

Saturday Evening Session 5

Starting 08:30PM

08:30PM Welcome and National Anthem
08:35PM Professional American Smooth Semi-Final
08:45PM Professional International Latin Challenge
08:55PM World DanceSport Series Top 20 Students Awards
09:00PM Professional Show: Uriel Garcia & Vera Rowe
09:10PM Final Round Open Professional American Smooth Division
09:20PM Professional Show Continues
09:30PM Open Professional Events Awards
09:40PM Top Student, Top Teacher and Top Studio Awards
02:00AM End of Session